Today’s athlete demands more. The passion for uniqueness. To stand out while also unifying as a team under their own style! KVG was built to meet the requests of the modern-day athlete. Designed to destroy commonality by showcasing the passion and culture of the team whose shoulders it’s on. Players spend countless hours perfecting their game, which is why it’s our promise that we will continue to meet and exceed their expectations. That’s the KVG promise.

Our Designs – The attention has always been in the details. Where other brands leave options on the table by restricting options under what they call their “custom program”, KVG unleashes your creative performance with leading designs templates and branding capacity. Custom collars, coloured sleeve cuffs and belt loops, and our signature watermarked mesh are just the beginning. When it comes to custom designs, someone had to step up and be the leader, so here we are!

Performance Value – KVG was built for with all athletes in mind. Quality and style should not come at a cost. KVG is not just designed to perfectly fit athletes, it’s also designed to fit their budgets. We know the costs it takes to get your team on the field, and we have made it our mission to make KVG affordable for all levels of teams and associations.

Fast Timelines – Seasons come fast and go even faster. From the time you set your team, confirm your sizes and even your budgets, the timelines to get your teams’ uniforms often is short. When you customize your uniform from one of our design templates you can feel comfortable knowing they will be ready to ship to you in 4-6 weeks.