What is uniform sublimation and why choose to sublimate vs screen print?

Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. First images and graphics are printed on special paper, that paper is placed on the fabric where high intensity heat is applied allowing the ink to transfer to the fabric. Because there is no materials on top of the fabric, but rather dyed into the fabric, it leaves you with a more breathable, soft-hand feel to the fabric. The best part is that the numbers, letters and graphics do not peel, wear off, or come out in the wash!

Our design templates provide you with a great variety of customization options from different collar styles, fonts, numbers and more. To help pick your favorite custom features we have provided you below with all the information you will need to design your custom team uniform, jersey or apparel.

  • Unlimited colors with no added cost.
  • Produces vibrant colours, and cater to groups and teams with unique colour ways often difficult to find.
  • Ability to create complex print designs all for one single price.
  • Product performs at the highest level. No twill, screen prints, embroidery to impede or restrict product breathability and performance.
  • Sublimation prints will not crack, peel, or fade.
  • Never lose your teams uniform design. Since your uniform is an art file you can reorder them for years to come without concern of your items being discontinued.
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Sublimation is a printing process where all colours, including body colour, accent colours, team names, logos and individual player numbers are dyed directly into the fabric of the jersey. The result is a jersey that weighs less and wears better. Decoration on the jersey will not crack, peel or fade over time. The fabric maintains its stretch and wicking capabilities resulting in a better performing jersey.

Sublimation is a four colour process allowing for the printing of complicated logos and multi-colour team names and player numbers. Since Sublimating is a dye process based off of artwork, you can easily repeat the same jerseys and designs for years to come.

Our team of reps & expert designers will work with you to create a one of a kind design or you can also choose from our wide selection of professorial pre-made designs.

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